When using Radio On Demand within your marketing strategy you can drive awareness of your brand and impressive eturns on Investment. There are also many clear benefits to advertisers who choose to buy into these new audio advertising networks:

  • Fantastic targeting – audiences can be reached by age profile, gender and music genre
    • If you want to reach 25-30 year old women, you can.
    • If you want to reach 45+ men who like classical music, you can.
    • If you want to reach 18-25 year olds who like R&B, you can.
  • Accountability – the stations target actual impressions rather than those estimated  using diaries; an advertiser knows exactly how many people they have reached.
  • Improved click through rates – evidence shows that click through rates can be up to ten times more effective when combined with an audio commercial.

But the best way to find out more about the possibility is to call us now on 0207 841 8744, email us at office@radiondemand.co.uk or brief us now so we can work up some tagline ideas for you.