Spotify Apps

December 1, 2011 by The Radio On Demand Team
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Yesterday evening we crowded round our shiniest 19” computer screen, coffee/tea/berocca/lemsip in hand. We intently watched the eagerly awaited Spotify press conference in New York presented by Daniel EK and others.

In an Apple style presentation Spotify announced that they are entering the much abbreviated world of apps (primarily for their computer & mac platform).

With partnerships ranging from, Song Kick to Rolling Stone magazine and many more will this make Spotify’s music platform even more irresistible for the intrepid internet users, hungry for free music and social content voyaging through the ever expanding world of Radio On Demand?

Spotify’s short and longer term problem is getting registered users to stay as active users and to maintain a usefulness to their interface that will increase audience dwell time and the stickyness of the Spotify experience. More visits for longer equals more advertiser opportunities………..we like the thinking…….let’s see if it works! Now where did we put the company bottle of Night Nurse?


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